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Alpine Mountain

Alpine Mountain Gear Backpacker Hard Anodized Cook Set-3 Pc

$44.99 USD

A family that camps together stays together

Camping means, living raw for some time. With that being said, camping involves live cooking along with many other activities that are certainly not a part of our routines. If you are planning a camping trip, make sure to carry essential utensils to cook because you can’t afford to go long without food. But carrying utensils from your household is not a smart decision, since they are big and heavy. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out where to get camping suitable cooking utensils because with Alpine Mountain Gear Backpacker Hard Anodized Cook Set-3 Pc, all your concerns have been addressed. These pots have wire handles that ensure easy packing in your bag pack and are aluminum, non-stick that makes cleaning easier. Now that the issue is sorted, you can get going with your camping plans!

Material: Aluminum
Type: nonstick
Handles: wire
Quantity: 3 pots in a set

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