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There are many places to buy camping gear. Why choose CoraJohn? 

Because here, we’re one outdoor-loving family. Big chains just care about getting your money, there’s no heart or emotion in what they do. At CoraJohn, we’re all about you, our customers. Think of us as your true camping exploration destination. 

At CoraJohn, you’ll find quality camping and outdoor equipment to serve you while you explore the beauty of the natural world. You’ll also find trustworthy information on making the most of your experiences in our Around The Campfire Blog.

What Makes CoraJohn Outdoor Outfitters Different?

At CoraJohn, we want to bring awareness to under-served communities (and dispel misnomers about outdoor activities, not to mention the health & fitness benefits you'll receive from having fun outdoors.  CoraJohn is prepared to donate money to those causes and organizations that are willing to help diversify the outdoors. Through our Blog and education page, our goal is to educate communities and individuals who could benefit from what outdoor activities has to offer. We are building committed relationships with quality organizations like Urban American Outdoors, and Diversify Outdoors movements. At CoraJohn we Have a great respect for the outdoors. That is why we also support One Tree Planted, and their mission to reforest the planet one tree at a time.

As a former Boy Scout (Troop 566 Aurora, Colorado, thank you very much!) I’ve always loved the outdoors. In fact, this is where I feel in love with the outdoors. The outdoor experience is something that we want more people to experience. 


This company was built with family in mind. In fact, the name CoraJohn comes from a beautiful mash-up of Corrine, my grandmother on my father’s side, and John, my grandfather on my mother’s side. Together, they are the driving force and strength of the CoraJohn legacy. 

Won’t you join our family? 


“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery- air, mountains, trees, people. I thought this is what it is to be happy” Sylvia Plath


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