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How to Plan a Camping Trip: 5 Hacks for a Stress-Free Vacation

Written by Ronald Owens


Posted on February 24 2019

How to Plan a Camping Trip: 5 Hacks for a Stress-Free Vacation

 There’s more to camping than a tent and a site with a view. Knowing how to plan a camping trip the right way can help your trip feel more like the stress-free getaway you envision.


Put these five sanity-saving hacks into practice for a camping trip you’ll remember for all the right reasons:

Shop for the Best Camp Site

Your campsite is the single most important decision you’ll make when you plan a camping trip. It seems fairly basic, but your locale can ultimately make or break your entire camping experience (because who wants a tent site right next to the trash cans, right?).

 When choosing a campsite, think about what you want from your camping trip. For example, are you looking for peace and quiet? If so, then you might want a back country site or a site away from the main amenities at the campground.


Also, consider the needs of your group. If you have young children, you probably don’t want to be too far away from the bathrooms in case of late night potty runs.

Plan Your Meals

Knowing what you’re eating (and what you can cook on a camping stove) ahead of time makes everyone a happy camper! The last thing you want is to find out you have no clue what to cook with limited resources.


Focus on quick meals that take little effort, like sandwiches or soups. If you’re planning on eating around the campfire, look for one-pot recipes that you can cook in bulk, like chili or spaghetti.

Pack the Right Gear

You’ll probably remember to bring a tent and sleeping bag, but what about all those little things that really make your experience perfect? Things like lighters, sunglasses, tools, trash bags, and other essentials might only come to mind once you arrive at your site.


Take into consideration what you plan to do on your trip.For example, if you’re planning on hiking, you’ll need  a backpack to carry your day supplies, but if you’re planning on sticking around your tent, you likely won’t need a backpack.


It helps to make a camping checklist of the gear you need so no minor detail falls through the cracks.

Consider Your Crowd

You might be dreaming of long back country hikes to hidden waterfalls or stand-up paddle boarding, but the rest of your party might not be up to the challenge.


Make sure you consider who you’re camping with when you’re planning activities and choosing your campsite (a one-mile hike to a back country campsite might not appeal to your your 70-year old grandma!).


There are tons of state parks and other camping destinations that offer on-site amenities that everyone can enjoy. Consider choosing a location that includes access to things like hiking trails, swimming pools, or fishing so you never have to venture far for fun.

Make a Backup Plan

Mother Nature stops for no one! If you’re planning a camping trip (especially with a back country site), remember that rain or other inclement weather might force you to change your plans.


Always have a Plan B to ensure the weather won’t slow your spirits. Having waterproof tents, rain jackets, and ready-made meals can go a long way in salvaging the experience.

Start Planning the Ultimate Camping Trip!

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Written by: Alli Hill for CoraJohn Outdoor Outfitters



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